Elaborate Diagnosis

The key to the success of such an endeavor, it goes without saying, is the proper selection of the trainees for the entrepreneurship development programme. With this in mind, an elaborate plan has been put in place to identify the potential entrepreneur with the right kind of attitude and aptitude. The success of the whole programme thus depends primarily, though not solely, on the Scouting/Entrepreneur Identification Division of AASK. We at AASK believe entrepreneurship is not just a high-risk affair. It can also be a high reward endeavor. Not only does it create wealth and employment; it also fosters growth and innovation and ushers in social change. Taking the socio-economic factors into consideration, we have zeroed in on four potential entrepreneur groups to focus on: agricultural entrepreneurs, artisan entrepreneurs, merchant & trading groups and tribal entrepreneurs.

Holistic Lifestyle

AASK will promote holistic living among the selected trainees with a combination of healthy lifestyle and mental conditioning during the 90-day training period. But the idea is to encourage the trainee to make it a habit for a lifetime. A holistic lifestyle essentially means taking care of the body, mind and soul and making sure that they work in prefect sync with each other and there is complete harmony between thoughts, words and action. We believe such a lifestyle would relieve stress and encourage positive thinking in the potential entrepreneur.

Attitude, Knowledge & Skill

AASK proposes to put in place an elaborate mechanism to make sure candidates with the right kind of attitude are picked up for the programme. Towards this end, a structured workshop will be organized with the help of a partner NGO/CSO to select the potential future entrepreneurs. Those selected will have fire in their bellies and an insatiable urge to invent, innovate, create and change. In short, they should aspire to become job creators rather than join the long list job seekers. Once selected, they will be provided with the required knowledge, skill sets, exposure and hand holding support, besides forward and backward linkages, to succeed in their chosen area of enterprise.